3 year Olds

strengthen motor skills.

Our main goal for the 2 ½ year old class is to have the children develop interest in new experiences and participate in group activities involving sharing and taking turns. Colors, shapes, numbers, and letters are incorporated into our curriculum.

We work with the children on counting to ten and beginning to understand one-to-one correspondence.  This will assist them in following 2 step directions.  They will begin retelling stories while speaking in sentences and learn how to communicate their needs appropriately.

The children will see themselves as a whole person involving body, mind, and feelings.  They will strengthen their muscle coordination through activities and games including small and large motor skills.


4 year Olds

Focusing on Phonics 

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2 1/2 Year Olds

Develop new experiences

​​Beginning BEARS

A Great Introduction to A School Setting

Serving children between 2 and 6 years of age​​​
Since 2001

Goals :

Children practice writing their first and last names with the first letter capitalized and the remaining letters in lowercase form using the correct pencil grip.

The four- year old curriculum focuses on phonics and having the children achieve the ability to name both upper case and lower case letters and say the sound associated with each letter.

Math is introduced when the children practice counting, writing, and naming numbers in sequential order.  

Children are encouraged to develop patience, sharing, and turn taking, as well as the ability to follow multi-step directions.

Fine motor skills are enhanced as the children do cutting, make crafts, and use manipulitives in the classroom.

Redeemer Christian school provides a variety of class options and programs for preschool children.  We are happy to provide an overview of the learning objectives for each class and program.
Please contact the school if you would like more information or would like to discuss your child's particular needs.

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We strive to have each child in the 3 Year Old Class adjust and feel comfortable in the classroom and interact with their friends in a positive manner.

They will be encouraged to learn to write their first name with a correct pencil grasp while strengthening their fine motor skills.

The three year old curriculum includes the identification of upper and lower case letters and words that are associated with each letter of the alphabet.  It also includes counting and identifying numbers in sequential order.

Children are encouraged to learn basic colors and geometric shapes.  This is taught through a variety of ways.

Redeemer Christian School​​

This class is designed to fully prepare children for kindergarten.  Children enrolled in this program develop skills and self-confidence needed to go to public school.

Children are immersed into a world full of literature and language arts as they work on many components such as journaling.  They will extend their sentence length and phonetic spelling in their writing.
The children will talk about authors and illustrators by having an “author of the month” and sharing stories written by that author.
“STARS” students will work on learning a routine for the classroom that fosters independence, problem solving, and self- confidence.
Math concepts will be strengthened by skip counting, backwards counting, working on basic addition and subtraction concepts, and working on one-to-one correspondence.

We are very excited to be able to continue with our newest class for 2 year olds, the "Beginning Bears", at Redeemer Christian School!  This class will meet for 6 weeks on Monday mornings and help prepare the children for the 2 1/2 year old class the following year.  The first session of this class will begin in September followed by a second session beginning in November.

Children will have an opportunity to complete crafts, hear stories, sing songs, and play with their new-found friends all in a nurturing, Christian based setting.


Social Techniques and Readiness Skills