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At Redeemer Christian School, we are pleased to offer children the opportunity to learn about God’s love for us and the many miracles that life holds.  Children in all classes attend our chapel program which is held in the church sanctuary every other week.  Bible stories are taught through storytelling, puppetry, role playing, etc. allowing the children to understand the message that is being shared.  While in the sanctuary, children learn to lengthen their attention span as they listen to the message.  Each chapel session is opened and closed with prayer and song.

Pastor Tom Kildea - Chapel Leader

Morris Museum Program
*The Morris Museum Program has been suspended at this time.  We look forward to bringing this unique opportunity back to our children in the near future.

The Morris Museum is a hands-on interactive enrichment class designed for our 4 year old and “STARS” classes.  Artifacts of many different subjects are brought in from the Morris Museum to enhance and create learning experiences that children can really enjoy. 
Some topics RCS students have experienced  include:

  • Solar System
  • Space Exploration
  • Christopher Columbus
  • Dinosaurs
  • Animals and their Habitats
  • Human Body

​Teacher - 


Develop new experiences


Develop new experiences


Develop new experiences

At RCS we strongly believe in teaching children the value of caring for others.  We encourage our children to show respect for others and to do acts of kindness for each other and for those outside the school.  Some activities we have participated in include:

  • Sending crafts, prayers, and donations to other schools affected by natural disasters
  • Adopting US military soldiers and sending care packages throughout the year​
  • Mailing hand made cards to “shut ins”
  • Inviting “Young at Heart” senior citizens to spend time singing and crafting with our students
  • Collecting donations for “Toys for Tots”, American Cancer Society, Animal Rescue Unit
  • Collecting canned goods for Roxbury Food Pantry, and families in need


A Great Introduction to A School Setting

Children in our 3, 4, and  “STARS” programs have an opportunity to visit our computer lab on a weekly basis where they are given age appropriate instruction using programs designed to reinforce what they are learning in the classroom.

The 3 year olds concentrate on eye-hand coordination, reinforcing colors, numbers, letters, and shapes. 

The 4 year olds learn the various parts of the computer and also focus on math, phonics, sequencing, patterns, etc.

Our “STARS”  classes learn proper keyboard skills as well as how to properly start up and shut down a computer and navigate into their program.  Their computer sessions focus on reading, math, comprehension, problem solving, etc.

Teacher - Miss Jackie

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Redeemer Christian school provides a variety of class options and programs for preschool children.  We are happy to provide an overview of the learning objectives for each class and program.
Please contact the school if you would like more information or would like to discuss your child's particular needs.



Social Techniques and Readiness Skills

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Children at Redeemer Christian School are provided with music class and enjoy  fun-filled sessions in which they sing, dance, and learn the rhythm to songs.  The clapping and tapping in rhythm to songs reinforces the counting and patterning taught in the classrooms.  Children enjoy their time singing a variety of songs and will come home teaching them to their families! 

Cindy Stevens - Music Leader