Parent Spotlight

Redeemer Christian School welcomes the involvement of our students' parents as partners in the education of their children.

Our FAQ provides answers to questions parents commonly ask.

How would you describe Redeemer Christian School?
Redeemer Christian School is a state-licensed pre-school serving children ages 2 through 6 located in the educational wing of Redeemer Lutheran Church.  Children spend their days in bright, sunny classrooms, a 7,000 sq. ft. outdoor recreation area, and a full size auditorium. 

What class options are available for my children?
Redeemer offers classes for children beginning at age 2.  Information about classes, enrichment opportunities and learning objectives can be found on the "Classes and Curriculum" pages of this website.

How much will it cost to send my child/children to Redeemer Christian School?
Information about tuition costs and payment schedules can be found on the Forms page of this website.  If this information doesn't answer your questions, please contact the school (contact information is at the left side on the bottom of the home page.)

Does Redeemer Christian School encourage parent involvement?
We encourage parental involvement and have many opportunities for our parents to participate in the activities of the school.

Will my child be safe at Redeemer Christian School?
Your child’s safety is of utmost importance to us.  Redeemer Christian School is a locked facility and the staff have been trained in procedures for a multitude of emergency and evacuation procedures.  Additionally, staff has completed training in: CPR, First Aid, and Epi-Pen administration; child development; and Positive Guidance & Discipline.

Does Redeemer Christian School offer extra-curricular programs?
Parents have an opportunity to extend their child’s day by registering for extra-curricular lunch/brunch programs.  These include components of cooking, movement, fitness, exercise, story time, drama and movement, etc.

Does Redeemer Christian School hold any special events for families?
RCS holds many special events for our families such as educational field trips, Holiday celebrations, parent-child days, Christmas pageants, and Graduation ceremonies.


Here is what some of our parents say about the school and our staff:

“The children are so prepared, the curriculum is amazing!”
“The extra curriculum programs are a great experience for our children.  They are well supervised and structured activities.”
“The KEDs program was a wonderful enrichment to my child’s kindergarten class.  She really loved coming to class!”
“Everyone is so kind and caring and not only interested in the educational aspects, but also the emotional.  You can feel the love in everyone’s actions.”
“We love the school and it feels like home to my children!”
“We recommend it to family and friends.”
“After 5 years, we have loved every staff member our children have had.  They recognize that every child is different and show how special they are.”


​The Forms page will provide you with all necessary paperwork to enable you and your child to join the "Redeemer Family".

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